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From Venice to New York City, from Ibiza to Riccione, from Zurich to Miami. An italian DJ, who played music almost everywhere in the world, but every trip ends where it started and in his case, start and arrival are always in Venice, his hometown. Traces of his Venetian origins can be found also in some of his productions, as for example the remix of “la Serenissima ” by Rondò Veneziano or in the videoclip of “press play” which has been filmed entirely between alleys, bridges and squares here in Venice ( you would be surprised about how many music clips, have been filmed here ) The personality of Tommy Vee is so venetian, that not even the long travels abroad are able to cancel such reflections of identity. Being a local in Venice, means not only to speak dialect, it involves also a certain contrast between a crystal clear soul and a shrewed attitude, the need of loneliness and the desire of discover far away places.  Tommy Vee is like that, more than a VIP, a "veneziano" 

tommy vee


– Tommy, does the description I gave about venetians fit you also? If your fellow citizen could travel with you one day, what would you like them to teach people you meet along your common path… and what should they learn and bring back home ?

It’s a perfect description! We could teach others that being surrounded by beauty is fundamental. I’m talking not only about beauty in terms of art and visible things, but also the beauty of the democratic respect of somebody elses opinions. I think that venetians are very open minded people and fairly shrewed, they’re not deceivers, but sometimes lazy. Too lazy, relaxed and a little bit pretentious, which thing belongs anyway to all people from the most important cities. Maybe we should learn to become more self-critical.


– Another city that you know well is New York. Some time ago Amy Robinson, comparing what Venice and her city have in common, said that NYC is a city made of many little villages and Venice is a village with the heart and soul of a big city. What is your opinion?  

I agree with her. For some aspects, Venice is really cosmopolite, alltough the relation to the lagoon, the silence at night, our folklore and all that art around us make us different. 


– Your outfits are always very clean and simple, especially if I consider your work in clubs and on  television. How important are the choices regarding your wardrobe and accessories for your public appereances? Do you dress also to satisfy a personal pleasure? The glasses you wear , no matter if optical or sunglasses, are very plain but never boring, tell us about them.

I’m minimal and clean, but nothing is left to the fate. I’m interested in design, style and good quality of products. I want to dress  minimal, because I thing the attention has to be focused on me, not to what I’m wearing. In any case I do such choices mostly for myself, even when it’s about eyewear. I want glasses that reflect my personality and are made with features such as simplicity and quality. 


– Is it because you’re never here, but you are one of a few friends I’m never able to go out for dinner with ! Therefore we got out often for drinks. I remember you told me once “.. why don’t you get yourself a good wine , instead of the spritz, it’s also much healthier..” . It’s evident that not only, you like to eat well, but also healthy. What do you eat  at home and when you’re abroad?

In fact, because I am constantly around and eating at restaurants, I try to take care of my nutrition. It’s easier for me to tell you what I don’t eat. No eggs, no lactose and seldom meat. I prefer fish, vegetables, rice and a lot of pasta dishes.


– We are almost the same age. We grow up, we become wiser and we turn fourty. I have this feeling, the way I connect  to other people is changing. What is your experience? What do you think has more effect on relations, the way we are as single human beings or how  mature we are? In your adulthood are you becoming more and more uncompromising or have you learned to accept people for what they are ? 

Both things are true, but I think that growing, getting more mature and improve ourselves have the most relevant role. Life is asking us that, if we don’t want to suffer. In certain cases , like  interpersonal relations, I am much more tolerant than once. Towards hypocrisy and ignorance I am not, as they are a destroying energy. 

Thank You Tommy !

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