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domitilla savignoni

Fortunately the woman I’m interviewing, has the ability to make anyone feel comfortable  with her beautiful smile. So it won't be a big deal if the optician I am, is going to interview a real journalist.  The fact that she  is also a known face on Italian television,  becomes irrelevant when the lights of the TV studio from which leads the morning news, are turned off. This because in the everydaylife Domitilla Savignoni is called simply Tilla and she does  behave as a "Tilla" would.  I think being that normal is out of the ordinary. Maybe that’s why we've  understood each other so well, sinc we first met, almost 10 years ago. We probably have sophisticated personalities, although we’re  lovers of the simple things in life. We are interested in the appearance, but only because of our passion for beauty; what really gets us forever is the essence, especially when it comes to human relationships.


-You travel a lot for work and passion. Trips, become memorable for the meetings that you make, not only for the countries that you visit. The inhabitants of what place are those that have left the deepest marks in you  between emotions and memories ? Do you think that Venetians have something unique that belongs only to them and not  to any other population in the world? What is that Thing?

Surely the Israelis. They are special people. Used to live”under siege” but with a great desire to live. In Tel Aviv you  breath an overwhelming  energy  and Jerusalem is the only place in the world where one like me , who does not believe in anything, can still feel the strong spirituality.  Venetians are unique because they live in this unique  place !  I like them because the ones I got to know are intelligent, empathetic, original, beautiful, lovers of art and beautiful things, multilingual, world traveler.

-Before beginning your career as a journalist you were rhythmic gymnastics champion. On behalf of your sporting past and the strong connection with the world of athletics, wouldn’t you have preferred to be a sports journalist, instead of the anchor woman (and editor and reporter) of the news? Are there aspects of the training as a gymnast, which helped you in your current work  or without which you would not have achieved the same success?

I actually thought about it. Perhaps it would be a right choice, but I also had a passion for the “foreign”, I read only spy books, I admired Lucia Annunziata, who was reporter in the most forgotten areas of the world and I dreamed of telling stories. Sport has trained me to be strong and determined. Rhythmic gymnastics taught me how important it is to be calm and focused to achieve results, which skill you need a lot especially when you’re on TV live and “anything can happen”

– When we first met you chose at Boudoir  a pair of sunglasses by Gold&Wood, and because you’d go to a carnival party, also a tailor-made silikon mask. Have you ever thought about the paradox of how someone can express himself only by wearing a mask, when in real it should hide not only the face, but also hide the  personality? Sunglasses, are they a mask?

I remember the day when we first met very well… your  magical store, different from all the others, full of objects soaked in the strong personality of the owner and a refined taste and fun. Sunglasses are not a mask, they reveal a lot of us, you’re right! Depending on the model, the color, the chosen shape you can understand a lot about who is wearing them. Look at the ones that I chose … hahaha

– To read the news live, first you have to go through hairdresser and makeup. On television, the costume designers have their word to say also about the wardrobes. How it is to be  managed in your outfits ,when your on TV ? Does it ever hurt  you, when others tell you what to wear?

Luckily here at TG5  we have freedom of choice . It’smore akind of help that wee get and we have only a few restrictions. No to deep necklines, no to purple and no to narrow striped tops,because they would blink  on the screen. For the rest we are free. Also because the clothes are often from some fashion brands to show the seasonal collection. We all know  to tell dramatic news, we must be dressed appropriately.

– Whether your sunglasses, and the optical ones , you chose are red. Tell us about this color.

Red is the color of passion, they say. But for me it is a warm color, far from black …which  I stand notto much. I also own green and blue glasses. You got some purple ones  for me?

– If I had to imagine you while you’re having a meal, I could not do it without seeing at least another  five or six other friends arounf you. How important is it for you this kind of conviviality and instead do you still feel the need for time to spend alone?

I have always loved being in groups of friends, my friends became my family, I love to go on holidays with them, bring them all together at dinner, but as you said , they must not be more than 5-6. I hate tables where you can not talk to anyone, I can not stand the mess and I can not cultivate many friendships because I have a bad relationship with phonecalls. Who really loves me knows this and continues to love me even if I’m not  constantly asking friends how they are and what they do.  

Thank you for your time, see you at the next Venice Marathon, as you’ve done already the new york Marathon and the one in Rome.

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