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mariella garcovich

I was at the shop, on january the 10th, 2010. One of my best friends and I were having a toast to celebrate the opening of my shop. We were holding glasses of prosecco, when two beautiful ladies walked in. My best friend is cabin service director and trainer for  crews at British Airways, so he told me to give immediately our drinks to the guests. From that day on  Mariella Garcovich, the most talkative of them, and I never lost contact. Every time we meet there’s a good reason for a new toast and if not, seeing each other is reason enough to open a bottle of Prosecco. It’s hard to bring the interview down to only 5 questions, when I have a woman so full of energy and with so many interests in front of me.


– Mariella, you were born in Zara, grew up in  Triest and  Venice. Later you’ve lived in Rome and finally you’ve opened your clinic in Bari, where you live now. Is it a coincidence that the most important cities in your life are on the seaside ? If I’m not wrong your favourite places are Paris and Venice. What fashinates you most about each of them?  

Yes it is a coincidence ! I love the sea, as it belongs to nature, but my relation to it is not as a poet would describe it. Venice is the city of my childhood, it’s in my deepest memories. It will sound obvious, but I tell you : Venice is magic. There’s no need of cultural mediation to enter this dream. In terms of cultural and historical offer, both places have a lot, maybe in Venice I perceive the importance of the past as a lighter matter, compared to Paris. 


–  You practice Buddism after Nichiren Daishonin since over twenty years and you are vegetarian. As a scientist, could you explain the relation between spirituality and a healthy lifestyle? Is it like the latins said “in mens sana – corpore sano ” or is there a bit more to know ?

The dualistic vision of body and spirit is an outdated concept. The human being is an “all one “. Body, mind and heart  are indivisible. There are constant mutations, changes, evolutions. Living in a certain way, makes it easier to  catch a positive flow of energy. The more I go on in my life, the more I learn to respect the mysteries of life and death. 


–  You visit regularly museums, art exhibitions, you dress with style, you care about your friends, you love animals and good kitchen . Do you think that all these passions could be a way to make our lives better, to become better humans.. or do you think they are just interests that don’t change ourselves but make life nicer ? 

Probably both interpretations are correct. The journey of each and everybody is very different. What works for me could not work for you or be even totally wrong. So everybody should learn to find inside himself what can improve the quality of life. Never forgetting about the outher world, the enviroment, the nature and the rest of humanity. We must live in harmony with people, find always new intersections and parallels  with the nature

–  At  Boudoir you bought different frames: La EyeworksHistoire de VoirThierry LasryGold&WoodGraz… Recently you always prefer Lindberg, you bought three times the same model because you kept losing it.  Lindberg has for sure a design that looks cleaner compared to the design of the above mentioned brands that probably are stronger eyecatchers. Is it a casual decision or is it the freedom of deciding when you want to appear understated and when you want to catch the attention?

My choices are driven by the impulse, so it’s casual. Just the outcome isn’t. In fact there are times when I want to play with my outfits and times when I don’t want to. 



–  Your sunglasses ( Almost all are Strip by Lindberg ) carry polarized lenses by Zeiss. It is very important that shades protect the eye and all the ocular tissues. Talking about prevention, what do you recommend to avoid demages caused by sun exposion ? 

As a dermatologist, I tell everybody to use sunlotions with total block, especially on younger people. For the health of the eyes, I always send my patients to an eye doctor to check the fundus and to do a visual field test , especially in case of vitiligo or theraphy of autoimmune diseases . Also during the screening for melanoma , it’s important to check if there are moles on the retina.


thank you for your time. .

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