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2021, is a new day

I preferred to wait one more day for the first post of the new year, when all the wishes on our smartphones let some spare space for an alternative reading.

2020 was more than a tough year. The fear of the new virus came on top of the difficulties we face every day as individuals, with all the consequences that we have sadly learned to know well. In this aspect, our lives have indeed all been the same, even if in dealing with the pandemic, from person to person have seen the most different attitudes . In any case, we have worked, loved and lived despite the distances and many privations. I am happy that 2020 is over, but only because every day passed, we get one day closer to the end of this horrible experience. Even if it brought me pain, I don't feel like insulting and despising 2020. In the end, a year is only a measurement of time, which by convention lasts 12 months, between two set dates. It could also start and end on other dates or if the earth spinned faster around the sun it would be few months shorter. What's the difference? For this reason, I don't expect any miracle to happen on New Year's Eve or that this specific midnight will take away the evil and have the power to attract good luck. It is a fantasy, an innocent illusion that has become tradition and convention. I don't want you to think I'm a pessimist, that's not the case. I really hope and believe that things will get better for the whole humanity including myself. But I don't think it is a new number on the calendar that makes the difference, it depends on us. I would like each of us to have the will to do the best for himself and for the others. I have not suddenly become a hippie or a fanatic of cosmic love, but for example ... as if today I gave someone a smile, I would have already contributed in making "good" a small part of the year of those who receive it. If every day I indulge in good food, positive people, constructive thoughts, exercise, reading ... I won't certainly gain control over destiny, but at least over the few things I can influence. For this reason, rather than wishing everyone a good 2021, my wish is that every new day will be experienced as a New Year's Day: with good intentions renewed on a daily basis it is easier to start again when they have not been maintained.

Happy New day, everyone.

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1 Comment

Jan 02, 2021

Buon nuovo giorno anche a te. Di cuore.

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