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it's all about the senses...

Since 1995 I am working as optician . The 5 years before I went to high school to become one. So I'm dealing with the sight since 30 years, this doesn't make an eye doctor of me, keep it in mind : the doctor takes care about the health of your eyes and the optician is responsible for giving you the best devices for a clear and comfortable vision. Not the less cool glasses , as the opticians like me do.

I worked for a discount chain, then for a leading chain, later on for a more modern concept of low price retail and ended working for a high end boutique, before I opened my own shop in Venice.

When I started, after high school, I didn't really want to do this job, but my father said " this is what you've gone to school for, once you start earning morning, I promise , you're going to like it". He was right, except for the money. I like my job because it gives me the chance of doing many different things. It's not just fitting glasses and since I run my own business I am really free to express myself and connect to my clients the way that I like. So, back to my late teeneage years, at that time I would have liked to work at the radio. I also found a job at a local station, but after my degree, dad sent me to work as optician. After 10 years I still was fascinated by the world of music and voices, so I started to do voice overs for ads and dubbing. Another time it wasn't the right moment so I decided to quit. Now another 15 years have passed and I still like the idea of listening ( proper speaking begins with proper listening ) and being heard. So I took some more lessons, bought a professional microphone and set up a little recording studio at home. So the hearing is going to be the second sense with a big role in my life. I decided to continue writing this blog in english and attach a spoken version for my italian friends. Stay tuned.

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1 Comment

Nov 01, 2020

Thanks for sharing your life story! And great idea with the voice version!!!

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