Collecton SOUP CAN

MODEL 032,  made in Italy

COLOR bronze honey

SIZE , lens 45 mm , bridge 26 mm, temples 148 mm

MATERIAL metal combined with italian acetate


The Soup Can hinge looks very simple but it is in fact a high precision, fully tested hinge.
We have a spacer, which acts as the stop for the temple opening, but also a gauge controlling the minimum closing of the top and bottom parts of the frame.

The Screw and Crown assembly are made by a Swiss Screw manufacturer and are made to the highest tolerance and precision. The assembly acts as a Maximum Gauge. Hence the hinge mechanism is controlled by a Minimum and Maximum tolerance of +0.00 and – 0.02 millimeters. The Screw and Crown assembly is the same as used on most, if not all hinge assemblies made by European factories, and our testing results in a very successful construction.



032 Soup Can TAVAT




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