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Physical box that contains a gift card with an amount of your choice


  1. Put as many boxes in the cart as the amount you want to reach, divided by 5. Example to get a box with a € 50.00 card, order 10.
  2. If you need more boxes, make separate orders.
  3. If you want us to deliver the box directly to the recipient, use his/her name and address for the checkout and add your own name at the end of the address line, so we can print it with the card in order to let the recipient know who sent it.
  4. If you want us to deliver the box to you, use your own name to complete the purchase and add the recipients name at the end od the address line, that will appear on the card.



  • The card can be spent in our shop in Venice or by using the unique code printed on the card here on this website, in the checkout process.
  • exceeding amount will be reissued with a new code, if the amount is not enough to complete the purchase the difference must be paid by the card holder
  • gift cards never expire and can be used on every item, including merchandise on sales.
  • The box will be shipped on the first working day after the order. We are not responsible for delays caused by the parcel ( make sure to order on time or switch to an E- Gift card, if it's urgent) 

Gift Box

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