Gift boxes contain your gift certificate and will be shipped to the address you use for checking out. They can be spent at the shop or on this website ( by checking out with the personal code written in the certificate). The box is made of natural wood, or painted in different colors.

If you prefer an electronic certificate (no shipping charge), please see the reference, called "gift certificate".


Vouchers do not expire, can be used one time only and are not refundable .  If the price of the chosen iten exceeds the value of the voucer the dfference will be billed and charged. In case the voucher is going to be used only in part, we will issue a new one for the amount that's left and cancel the old one.


Gifts up to €100,00 will be 10% more worth when spent...

from € 101.00 to € 199.00 + 15%  

from € 200,00 to € 499,00 +20%

over € 500,00 + 25%

Gift box - physical




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