It's funny that I’ve waited so long to enlist Valerio in the  #lifestories community, but after visiting his Instagram profile and seeing  some artworks, I could not wait any longer. I know Valerio  for over fifteen years. Initially as the director of nightclubs, then we were neighbors when I was working as an optician in Jesolo and he was the owner of several clothing boutiques. Certainly this man has no lack of initiative and creativity , but therefore a touch of crazyness that allows him to start on new adventures regularly. The chapter of retail has come to an end some years ago, giving way to a passion shelved due to the amount of commitments: visual arts. Valerio Bacciolo paints and sculpts now, when he’s not busy looking after his three grandchildren. When he comes to see me in Venice, we tell ourselves the evolution of each other’s lives, sometimes we talk about frivolities, other times considerations become more profound, but we make always big fun of ourselves.

I didn’t know he had true artistic talent until I saw on facebook, a portrait of a woman who I seemed to know. So I wrote him, asking “Valerio did you  portrait Tziporah Salamon?” In fact, he didn’t know who I was talking about, then we compared the different sources and understood that it was her. (… small world, read her Interview…)


-When the world turns out to be so small, how do you interprete the coincidences in places, events and people? Do important gatherings happen by accident or do you think even  little things in life are part of a bigger plan?

I interpret the coincidences for what they are, that is simply randomness. This does not mean that I don’t find such events magical,  all life is an endless magic. However, everything is determined by chance, even the most powerfull energies. 


-Just to stay on the subject of people, you’ve always met a lot of people. People of the night, fashion people, people on the street. Each will have its own way contributed to the wealth of experience that make you the man that you are in the present. What kind of person exerts on you more charm? How important is physical beauty?

This is very complicated. Let’s say that in general , apparently ,very normal people, fascinate me,  but they must have something to say, better if a lot! This enchants me, their stories, not their material possessions or their appearance. I’m attracted by the history and experience of  people, with no preconceptions and …no matter who they are. Beauty is very important to me, but I tend to search it rather in looks and personality: pretty features and perfect proportions are less intersting.


-Generally I like to analyze the differences and the similaryties between style and fashion. Today I’ll skip fashion. Do you think, the style we adopt in clothing, also speaks unequivocally of our style as individuals?

Must not be, Alessandro. In fact I think that you don’t judge a book by the cover. At the best a dress  could represent the style of a lawyer or denstist, but certainly the dress tells not who is in front of you. Just imagine that people often seeks advice from third parties, because they have no time or they think they’ve got no skills. In that case you would see the personality of the personal shopper!


-You bought sunglasses by Somewhere Sunday at Boudoir. I remember that it was a purchase driven by the impulse.  I know you have received many compliments and you chose them mainly for their design, not how they look on you. Please explain what you liked and how you fall in love with objects?

It’s not that I fall in love, I am just instinctive. An object can affect my attention because of it's shape and materials, as in the case of the glasses that I bought from you. I saw them, they seemed to me so different from any other pair and when I wore them, they looked  exactly as I had imagined they would have. Caught! There was no reason to try more. I avoid specific choices, although the instinct would lead me towards them, to respect the rules of a balance between innovation and simplicity. I don’t want to look in a mirror and see a young boy, instead of a young grandfather.


-There is an expression that the British use quite often. “Quality Time”. A concept that, in the combination of too young generations and digital era, perhaps is not yet sufficiently appreciated and applied by us. Do you consider your long walks in Venice, during which recharge the spirit of artistic beauty, scenery and architecture, your Quality time?

Absolutely yes. Not only my  lonng walks in Venice, are (high) quality time, but also a walk alone on the beach, the time spent to paint or sculpt. All the time we dedicate ourselves increases the level of perception of life and with it, its own value.


-Now that I know you're an artist, please tell me :  Do you consider cooking an art? and as an artist, do you think that a plate can excite the spirit as much as visual arts, ballet and dance ?

Yes, I have no problem in comparing a good dinner to a night at the opera or a visit at the museum. Each note in the right place, makes the symphony unforgettable . I am  passionate about cooking and love to eat well. I always look for freshness, not only in the ingredients: I mean fresh ideas to match with wisdom and tradition. Most of all though, I love the sincerity in the kitchen.


Valerio thank you for the time you have dedicated to my readers and me.

See you soon