Let this be, as much as possible

 "the most wonderful time of the year"

Dear Friend, Client, Follower, 


     I really hope this message finds you well. These words , this year, mean a lot.

More than anything else, the past months, have taught us that we are all the same...  

I am not going to bore you with my thoughts and feelings about the pandemic, I only wish it will pass soon and that we all will be able to manage this bad memory as good as we can. 

Boudoir continued to be there: open during the lockdown, with our home deliveries, skype consultancies and my weird instagram monologues. I hope I made some of you smile at least ( because I'm not going to stop it !)

And you were there too: thanks to all the people who bought credits for future purchases, through the fundaraising. It helped a lot. Don't forget to use your vouchers at the shop or online ...

Then I've strted blogging again. Visit the blog, I called it THE LOUNGE, the written text is in english, then there's a video with the italian version spoken in Italian.

This Christmas newsletter is not much about our products, I mean we give it for granted that our eyewear collections are TOP. I'm trying to focus more and more about the customization of service and making you feel the Boudoir mood even tho you live far away from Venice. Already by visiting the website , you'll notice the huge effort our social media manager has made to make it more user friendly and pleasant. 

The shop is much easier to browse thanks to new filters.

Products that are not eyewear, such as accessories, home decoration and perfumes, have a dedicated own space.

Since a few months there's the possibility of booking an online consultation for glasses. Which means that I give you, live on camera, the same advice and knowledge that you get when you visit the store. The service is charged 5 euros, only to avoid "trolls"as the shop stays closed for half an hour when we do this. The 5 euros will be refunded in any case, even if you decide it's not the right time to buy new glasses. Please book one or two days in advance, so I have time to get in touch with you before and get to know your new needs and expectations. By the time of our appointment I'll also have a dozen of frames for you ready to see. I will show up on an app called ZOOM. Best is if we both can see each other, but if you don't feel like talking to the camera, it's okay. 

At the shop we work by appointment as well, so you can call for an appointment or book yours online.

Coming to the shop is almost impossible for the ones who live abroad and many locals also stay at home as much as they can, so keep in mind, you can purchase GIFT BOXES and electronic GIFT CARDS , for your presents.  

My clientele is 50% made of foreigners, most of them have been to the shop while visiting the city. This year I only have seen few of them, so one day I thought" I'd pay them a plane ticket in order to welcome them again here" . This is the idea, behind our next social media campaign:

Instead of giving discounts or free shipping, I'll promote travelling.

For every on-line purchase you will get "miles" or "euros" for flying ( when it will be possible and safe again).  

As for example , for every multiple of €200.00 spent, you will get a €25.00 voucher. 

Vouchers will be issued, possibly with an airline of your choice ( please add the name of the Airline, to the "address" line , if you buy through the e-commerce . In case it's not possible, because the airline doesn't issue vouchers or allows to buy free miles, the credit will be reissued for purchases at Boudoir  .
The campaign isn't running yet, except for those who got this newsletter. ( do not forget to write the name of an airline in your order , such as for example Ryanair, Volotea, Easyjet, Delta...)

Discounted products are not eligible for this campaign

In case you purchase a GIFT BOX or an E-GIFT CARD, the voucher/miles, go the the purchaser, not to the recepient, if not differently specified.