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The optician's job is that of a highly specialized technician.The optician never replaces the ophthalmologist as a professional figure, although he has the necessary skills to do an eye exam and fit contact lenses.

In-store the vision test takes place following a protocol that takes about 20 minutes including medical history, instrumentation disinfection and visual tests.

The laboratory work has been entirely digitized, that means the lenses are assembled in the shop, but these arrive already cut by the different lens suppliers to whom the scanning of the glasses is transmitted, together with the prescription, centering and all the technical infos of the lenses ordered.  This assures us, maximum accuracy, absence of errors, speed and the disposal of processing waste takes place in respect of the environment directly where it is produced.

By choice we do not deal with sports glasses or children's glasses. Likewise the glasses of our selection, never have logos visible on the temples. It's in most cases eyewear made of cellulose acetate, titanium or steel. More rarely metal or grilamid. Most of the glasses we sell are of Italian production, but there are also glasses made in Denmark, Japan, France and China. About China: not all "Made in China" is synonymous with low quality and in any case, the Boudoir style requires that we always declare the country of origin of the goods we sell.

The advice on lenses is always aimed at understanding the real needs of the customer, when we recommend frames we try to interpret the taste and personality of those who will wear them, without ever letting ourselves tempt by telling innocent lies in order to close a sale.

As we always had clients from all over the world, it often happens to do remote consultations, now with the limitations imposed by the pandemic, this mode has become a new routine: we are in fact able to recommend glasses via video call by appointment and if the ophthalmologist has provided a prescription, even to take care of the lens assembly.

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