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Our story must be told, because its stages are characterized by wonderful encounters with equally amazing people.

After gaining experiences as optician and store manager for 15 years, Alessandro in 2009 understood that from that moment on, he would have liked to grow in his career , giving importance to the quality of the product and customer care. To achieve this, he focused on the selection of eyewear following criteria such as design, originality and quality. Then he imagined giving the project the most unusual dress, a shop that would convey the welcoming atmosphere of a living room.

During a dinner, in a living room of this type, he talked about his ideas  to his two friends, set designers and antiques experts, who encouraged him to give life to this project.

Alessandro preferred, at this stage of  his professional life, to appeal to those people who spontaneously feel attracted to new things, because they are intrigued by design and diversity, instead of providing successful collections to those who feel comfortable buying  famous brands .

He chose a name for the business that purposely had to sound a bit ambiguous and sensual, Boudoir. Boudoir should have looked like a traveler's living room and there should have been the objects that travelers collect from around the world; therefore on sale in addition to glasses you could find designer ceramics, artistic perfumes, luxury costume jewelery, hats and plants.

In 2013 the shop had to move to a smaller space and therefore, the owner had to reduce the range of products offered and basically go back to his first love, glasses.

Over the years there have been many collaborations with eyewear makers and artisans, thus creating forays into each other's professions. The #celebration project was born, within which glasses are designed according to the taste and personality of artists, musicians, actors.

In the present of Boudoir, there is the will to keep human connection alive,  with both old and new customers, during the pandemic. To do this Alessandro asked for the advice of a marketing expert to improve this website and make communication through social media more direct.

The future sees our customers even more central. We have felt the desire of those who come to visit us from all over the world, to find in the same place unedited glasses, made in Italy and the possibility of interacting live with those who conceived them. The private label will then be wider developed, almost certainly in collaboration with a dozen of independent opticians around the world.



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