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top notes: absinth, safran, cardamom cassis, bourgeons, oil paint
heart notes: cedar leaf, myrrh, cypriol encens pyrogene, chinese cedarwood
foundation notes: ciste labdanum bouleau, leather, woody notes, civette abs, amber


eau de parfum - e 50 ml - 1.7 fl oz


 » There are several elements and moments in the film blow up that resonated with me deeply and that prompted me to create an olfactive response. From repeating textures of  in the photographers car and loft, antiques, chemicals in the dark room, dusty feathers, green leaves in the park and marijuana. However, the moment that resonated with me most and served as an inspiration for this fragrance is the scene with the oil painting. the oil painting becomes a metaphor reality vs fantasy. «

Mark Buxton

BLOW UP - Moth and Rabbit

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