top notes: aldehyde, cut grass note 
heart notes: freesia, aquatic note, lily of the valley
foundation notes: myrrh, guaiac wood, vetiver, ambrox patchouli, musk 


eau de parfum - e 50 ml - 1.7 fl oz


»Parasite tells a story that takes the complicated feelings that the indentured worker have for their employers and conducts it into a veritable symphony of respect and contempt. it opens up with a fresh cut grass note and goes over in a shower of freesia and lily of the valley as the smiles twist into grimaces when the real world splatters across the manicured lawn.

The richness of patchouli and the smoky guaiac wood expresses the tender musing on familial love that emerges and the bitter all too late realisation that you can’t buy home.« Mark Buxton

PARASITE - Moth and Rabbit




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