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top notes: cardamom, ginger oil, red pepper, winter lemon oil.
heart notes: nutmeg, rose, elemi oil, violet wood, cashmere wood.
foundation notes: oak moos, amber, patchouli, mahagony, cedar wood.


eau de parfum - e 50 ml - 1.7 fl oz


» It is the gay man that got me curious, troubled by ordinary grief and haunted by joy, a man apart and yet like any other; followed by numbness, routine, sorrow and perhaps another kind of awakening. It is a fragrance based on a variety of woody notes such as violet wood, cashmere wood, mahogany and cedar wood; that reflects the man who constructs or reconstructs a personality to bear the weight of loss, and whom society will not permit to grieve.« Mark Buxton

SINGLE MAN - Moth and Rabbit

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