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A (future) traveller's note

Those who follow Boudoir on social media, also get some glimpses of my private life, so they might have seen that last week I was not at the shop but on a trip.

Last summer I continued postponing my holidays and any other trip, because I didn't think it wise to travel unless it's really necessary. The thought that kept me calm was that in November I would have been able to go to the Canary Islands, because we would finally have been be out of the pandemic. That was not the case, just in November the situation throughout Europe worsened again. So without making any drama I gave up on the long-awaited vacation. In the meantime, exactly in Gran Canaria, some things have happened: one of my closest friends had to close a real estate deal and I had to follow another important matter myself on the island. For the sole pleasure of traveling I would not have done it at this historical moment, but since these commitments were not extendable further, we decided to leave together. We underwent the swab-test before leaving for Spain and once again before returning to Italy.

During our stay we followed the Spanish rules for alert level 3, which are the same as those we have (and which we follow in any case) at home. The difference between Spain and Italy, in my opinion, is that the Spaniards accept with ease the rules for containing the virus, while we Italians use these "impositions" as an excuse to practice our daily complaint habit. Nevertheless, in Spain you don't mess around with the police and safety checks are really carried out, as for example on the validity of the swab-test for those who enter the country, which thing didn't happen after our flight back home .... therefore the Italian citizens may feel sort of abandoned and sometimes mocked. Usually on the blog, I don't let myself go to any kind of controversy, but this time I can't shut up: on one front there are shops forced to close, perhaps forever, and on the opposite the actions that should protect the communities from even more serious damages are not put into action. Period.

Still, the week spent in Gran Canaria was refreshing, without my five cats I was able to sleep eight hours a night, the temperature was such that I was able to do some outdoor sports. Once the bureaucratic tasks in the various offices were done, every day I could laze around the pool a few hours.

I tell about this biz-holiday, because Gran Canaria and Venice have a fact in common: both economies are based almost exclusively on tourism. The signs of the lack of the latter are evident in these places: closed shops, unemployment and consequently a drop in consumption. So first of all I hope that this economical pattern will soon be reviewed, as in this context it turned out to be simply deadly for trade, catering and hospitality, then I invite you to support these economies as soon as we all can travel safely again. We will all have some fresh cash in our pockets, which we can't wait to spend, not just on taxes, but to support other kinds of businesses.

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