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I'm addicted

Holding a blog is a great excuse to tell people, otherwise unspeakable things about yourself. Finally, also for me, the time has come to spill the beans: I suffer from a severe addiction.

Indeed, to be honest I have many, if we count chocolate, wine, pizza, ice cream ...

Those who have known me more recently might think that I cannot ignore human relationships or more simply that I cannot stay on my own. Actually, in recent times sociality is a big matter in my life, however I would like to avoid being dull as well as repetitive and in any case this is not going to be the theme of this post.

The thing I can't do without is whatsapp.

It is a fact, which I had absolutely never thought of. On the contrary, by reducing my contacts on Facebook by at least 1000 "friends", I thought I was at a good point in weaning myself from social networks. In reality, this use-abuse of the texting app, has nothing to do with social networks. I still use Instagram for work with great pleasure and satisfaction, because it allows me, for example, to keep in touch with customers that otherwise I would no longer be able to see due to the pandemic.

Regardless of the fact that my readers might recognize themselves in what I say or not, I specify that telling myself is not the result of my own grandstanding, while it is rather the desire to stimulate the minds of our fellow being, learn to observe oneself, reflect, confront and discuss.

When SMS messages on mobile phones were activated, over 20 years ago, I was among the first to invest in phone top-ups to constantly text my friends and now I'll explain what a veteran of texting likes so much:

I like that it can be used at the very moment when I need to communicate something, without the risk of forgetting it, since I easily get distracted.

I like that the recipients of my message will only read it when they are free to do so or feel like it, I find it very democratic.

I like that when I have to write, I do my best to be clear, understandable and concise, while when I speak, I often wander to the point of losing my thread.

I like that lacking the the voice, the messages arrive with the power of words alone, straight, relentless and sometimes misunderstood.

I like that… what's written, stays.

I like playful cut and thrust. Often real situation comedies come out, because each of the interlocutors has the time to calibrate their joke to the millimeter and then release it suddenly like the ball in a pinball machine.

I like that not being seen, on whatsapp, sometimes makes it easier to say I love you, or f*ck you.

I like using whatsapp also because as i DON'T read books and newspapers, at least I practice SOME kind of writing.

I do not go into the topic of good education in the use of whatsapp, to briefly take a look at the downside. I have the impression that, in a similar way to what happens with social networks, this abundance of always available and active mediums, most of the time does not correspond to a real desire to communicate. Systematically relying on a text chat feeds the laziness of making a real phone call, thanks to the fear of not having enough arguments to hold a live conversation. We therefore end up communicating less and worse.

That said, I'll give you Boudoir's whatsapp number soon :)

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