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The other side of mother's day

Dear follower, I haven't forgotten about you and the blog: it's only that a blogger in my opinion should write just in case there's something interesting to tell.

(I actually have a very beautiful story in the drawer, but I'm keeping the secret as long as I can)

I believe that today's topic is interesting and it affects some people, please try to follow my thoughts:

Every other day is the international day of something: we celebrate friends and relatives of all levels, VIPs, starlets ... if I'd google it probably I'll find also a "world selfie day".

These anniversaries, ideally, should be the invitation to honor certain bonds every day and not just when we stumble into the limited edition of an X product reissued for the occasion. Shouldn't love be celebrated every day?

It will be Mother's Day soon. We will therefore see the media and social networks filling up with photos of beautiful mothers, mothers who unfortunately are no longer there, mothers of three or four different generations together and we will see these photographs always tagged by quotes with an overflow of love for mum, most likely our own.

Don't get me wrong, I am not the grinch who's arrived with five month delay, in fact I am completely on the side of all the mothers who are going to feel moved by the demonstrations of affection they will receive.

What about the ones who have to deal every day with the absence of this kind of love ?

I am thinking of women who cannot have children, who have lost them or are struggling for an adoption.

I am thinking of abandoned babies, children raised in loveless homes or some children rejected for their nature being too different from what was expected.

I think of all irretrievably lost relationships between mothers and children, or relations which apparently work, but in reality are full of invisible conflicts.

Mums who are not loved by their children and children not loved by their mothers.

For some reason ( or without any)

Today I think of them, not only of all the ideal situations. I wonder if Mother's Day could not also be the day of a pacific revenge for those suffering from a lack of maternal love, regardless of whether it is mother, father or child ...

Those who are victorious in the trade of this feeling, in which we give ourselves without any hidden interest, perhaps will be able to share a little of their luck with those who have nothing to celebrate

So, let's celebrate mum every day, but on May 9 let's remember all the others.

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