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Beauty is in the eyes ( of the beholder )

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

How often do I find myself justifying my ugly appearance with fatigue?

Quite often. I wish it was due to too much work, but this pandemic is damaging all it can, even in retail. Actually, I'm tired because one of my five cats has his personal alarm set at 6.30 in the morning and sometimes he even pecks some time zones further west...

Fortunately, when I go to bed, I turn off my cell phone and fall asleep immediately, taking with me the last thoughts of the day. The other night, I think these thoughts were about makeup.

Not much because I was worried about how to do my make-up the next morning (I only use some powder, to not blend too much with white walls) but because on social media I see a lot of videos on this topic, so in the end, I haven't learned how to wear eyeliner yet, but I have made some points.

The first one, is the fact that make-up tutorials (on women) never consider eyeglasses, so the different options are not even remotely evaluated to combine make-up, an optical frame and prescription lenses that in any case change the look and the shape of the eyes.

Second, is that on television, the first thing experts do when they have to do a makeover on a vintage look, is to remove the glasses from the wearer. They never think of choosing more suitable ones or even adding them as an accessory to those who didn't wear them before. Fortunately, this type of broadcasting has gone out of fashion, but the feeling that glasses make people look ugly still lingers, sometimes.

The third thought concerns discrimination in discrimination. It may seem forced, but in the movies, eyeglasses are used to make women ugly or to make them appear like secretaries with a degree in seduction, while men in glasses are mostly stupid, nerdy or intellectual.

Likewise, eyeglass frames, except in the specialized press, are rarely used in fashion shoots. In short, as a spectacle wearer, my pride as an optician ( and taurus) is hurt.

As you can understand, the topic involved to the point of dreaming of it. I dreamed that together with my friend Roberto Ciasca, aka Robin, I was writing a vademecum, on how to make up the face of a person with glasses. When I woke up I told myself that the idea is not bad at all and I promised myself to call him and propose it to him. Then while I was drinking coffee I realized how often I talk about beauty and how in my work I do everything possible to enhance it, while I declare myself more attracted to the content than to the "packaging"...

Nobody deliberately wants to make themselves ugly. So, after all my observations and reflections, I asked myself a somewhat more complex question: if we looked different from what we do, would our life be different, in the perception we have of ourselves, in our relationships with others, at work? What if an objectively beautiful person wakes up at some point, one morning and is suddenly ugly? Does a person, who has not had this gift, live worse? Is who cares for beauty superficial? Can beauty be a problem, for example when you are only considered for that?

I would like to know your opinion.

Mine is that external beauty is a great visa for the everyday life: you have more opportunities, people are in general better disposed to you and perhaps you enter a virtuous circle that allows you to be more beautiful even "inside". It is equally true that there are people who are not beautiful, you would never dream of saying that they are ugly, because they emanate such a charisma that makes you see them beautiful ... maybe more than seeing them beautiful, you feel they are beautiful. For this reason, I instinctively feel attracted to the beautiful, but then in fact, the people who remain in my affections stay for what they are and regardless of their exterior.

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