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Uncertainty is certain

I was thinking about the topic for the next piece of "the lounge". I looked at the new merchandise in the shop, I thought which have been the most important events over the last 11 years of Boudoir, I even thought I could let some music play and record a video of me singing to it. Very "italiano".

Haven't I done this already for the last couple of weeks? The purpose 1%q%of writing this page isn't selling ( but please support small businesses, starting from here) but keeping in touch with all the people out there, unable to travel and come to venice to see the city, my barking shop-assistant... and me. In general writing should also be that action that makes you connect with your own thoughts. Our own written words help us to fucus and , kind of, seeing the matter from a neutral point of view and keeping it in mind for further uses. Words written by other people help building opinions and awareness.

So here's a little bit of myself, without going too deep into the private zone. Sharing is caring, but I also believe we've got to know exactly, what's worth to share with a big audience, what should be told only to a specific group of friends and what should be simply kept for ourselves. Also because, sometimes people ( we are people ) don't really care about so many things that are thrown into social media. Sorry !

As my opinion wouldn't change yours or help in any way, I don't wanna talk about the pandemic, about the elections in the US or about the recent attacks in Europe. We're scared and sad enough, without my contribution. Health is uncertain, money is uncertain and also love can't be given for granted, as eventually we can be forced to stay in our homes and our loved ones in others. This isn't definitely one of those moments where you'd say " if life gives you lemons...", but yes, we must have a look at what we have now.

We do have uncertainty and that's certain. Let me tell you how I deal with it, maybe it's a good advice for some. What I am trying to do, is taking this strange feeling of suspension and become comfortable with it. This doesn't mean that I like it, or let the events overwhelme me, but at least I'm aware that as more feelings I know and don't reject, the less they can harm me. It's not easy and sometimes I fail. I've learned nothing lasts for ever and so the big part of uncertainty can't. Lie every other thing also the bad things are impermanent. That approach is highly recommended also in other "emergency" situations . I read about it in a book, but for some people it's most likely a natural approach to life.

Why am I saying this? Because I see the stress around me rising, not only in the virtual world, also in the empty streets of our cities. I wish we could get to the next stage, when things will be better, in good health, both physical and mental. To do this, we must keep calm, think about our wellbeing and be gentle to the others. If we yell at people, they'll yell back or yell at other people or go home and feel miserable.

It's not worth it, we're all on the same boat.

Enough with my wisdom, okay. Next post could be a photo gallery with me as Dame Edna Average. Thanks for reading. Alessandro

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תגובה אחת

04 בנוב׳ 2020

Very beautiful message!

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