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Where is the Love?

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Happy weekend everyone.

The days have a new rhythm, now that work and social relationships have also changed.

The tension gets to the surface and can give and rises in places you'd never thought it would before.

The time we spend with the few people we are allowed (and choose) to see is taking on a deeper meaning and, as immersed in our concerns, we are possibly more open to listening to the others and getting to know ourselves better.

So it happened to me yesterday. I was chatting with two friends, physically very far from each other and very different from me. Two by two, we were all listening to each other, so I sensed that somehow our bond was also the topic of conversation. We talked about love, not because I am more or less in love than usual, this is my business; rather because I believe that love, as well as death, seldom are something we talk about and if we do perhaps we do it wrong. When I say that the way could be the wrong one, I am not referring to the difference of opinions, but only to the way of approaching the topic. Love has this aura of exaggerated romanticism, to the point of getting embarrassing. Perhaps, also for this reason, we are ashamed to talk about love, although in my opinion it is clear how much each of us needs love for ourselves and for the community. It is a vast subject which pervades every aspect of our lifes, like numbers and mathematics.

The opinions will undoubtedly be very divided andthis is right..

So that's why I decided to write about this, instead of publishing an article on how to apply make up to your eyes if you wear glasses.

I wondered if love can be of different nature. Is the love for children different from loving the partner or a lover, a friend an animal?

I wondered if loves come in sizes. Like small, medium and large. Or if it's just an ON-OFF option.

I wondered if it is right to have love for objects, inanimate things, fame, money ...

I wondered if love is really just a feeling or if it can also manifest itself in real, therefore be perceptible through our senses.

I wondered if it is possible to experience the complete absence of love.

I wondered if really the most important love is for love for ourselves.

I wondered if it is possible to fall in love with several people at the same time.

I wondered if the pain you feel when love ends can still be called love.

Obviously I hardly gave myself any answers, but last night I went to sleep with a better feeling than usual, as if the talks were a magical spell and naming love, having talked about it a little, made a certain amount of it available for my personal use.

More or less clearly some of my thoughts must have left the keyboard, especially this one: I'd like to see more love, because somewhere there must be a big stock of it. We don't have to like all eachother, but we don't have to deny love where it might suit.

I'd like you to take my questions and have your say in this lounge on a Saturday night.

Bye , Alessandro

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